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Jan Kuyper Erland

Today, there are many brain exercise programs online that expect the client to have the motivation and interest to stay focused with an often tedious program. Many are random visual figure exercises to learn a series of images. The various types of visual and listening memory are not over-viewed, and, what is presented are visual memory exercises that are difficult to complete.

Introduction: There are many complex considerations to evaluate when purchasing the pricey tablet. 1) Purpose, 2) Operating System Platform Selection, 3) Cost, 4) Application Purchasing (Apps), and 5) Durability, Loss, and Replacement factors.

The very name of “tablet” denotes “simple reading and writing access”. This may be true, but there are many questions you should ask before investing in a tablet for yourself or your child.

My recent article, “Electronic Tablet Devices: Questions to Ponder” drew some criticisms from family members. I was advised not to write such heavy technical articles that no one can understand. I agree that eyes glaze over when you start talking about operating systems or platforms, but – there are several simple reasons why you need to know just the basics, and not ultimately regret your purchasing decision.

Creating Successful e-Learning Practice:

Today’s educational marketplace is being proliferated with educational e-learning programs and products. They each focus on student improvement in learning basic skills such as reading and math, or any subject matter imaginable. Classroom performance will now be measured with each individual learner, not as class averages.